Support for Parents and Carers

Early Support

We are sorry to advise that the Early Support Parent workshop will be postponed for a few weeks. A new time will be confirmed soon so please keep checking the website!

We are really pleased to have developed a new partnership with the Pinner Centre and have had a number of really positive meetings about the service that they are able to offer.

As a school we have delivered lots of sessions over the years on supporting your children’s learning at home and feel very confident in doing this. I’m often asked questions on how to deal with challenging behaviour or how to establish appropriate boundaries at home. Parenting is probably the most important role that we will ever carry out and the one we receive the least training and support for!

Few of us would be brave enough to suggest we are ‘experts’ at parenting and I am really pleased to find out that support and guidance is now available free of charge!

We are hoping to run a number of sessions for parents and carers in the New Year on important issues such as:

  • Managing children’s behaviour and putting appropriate boundaries in place
  • Providing children with a balanced diet and supporting reluctant eaters
  • Establishing positive routines at home including bedtimes

The first session will take place in school on Thursday 11th January from 1.30 – 3.00pm. We do hope that you will join us for this and will find these session useful.

For further information, please speak to either Mr Phillips or Mrs Brown. Alternatively, you are invited to contact The Pinner Centre directly on 020 8424 1460 or

The following document contains tips on managing challenging behaviour at home:

Download Top Tips to Manage Challenging Behaviour >>