Kodu Club

Day: Thursday
Start Date: 2018-01-11
End Date: 2018-03-22
Start Time: 15:15
End Time: 16:15
Run By: ComputerXplorers Middlesex
Pickup Point:

The Kodu Club gives your children an opportunity to become future programmers / games developers and an insight into game development. Learn how to code and design your own dynamic video animation game, using an innovative programming language created just for kids using Xbox controllers. Programming sequences of actions will require the students to plan and problem solve. They will need to analyze each step. As they become more comfortable with the blocks of commands and tools available, they will be able to put their own ideas into action.

Come and Xplore the Kodu Club!

I am delighted to let you know we are running the Kodu Club at Cannon Lane School which will be running every Thursday 11th January 2018 until Thursday 22nd March 2018 from 3.15pm 4.15pm for Years 4 to 6 pupils. The club will run for 10 weeks and the cost is £60.00.

You can register your child on the club by downloading and completing the reply slip at the link below and handing the form to the school office by Monday 8th January 2018. In the event that the club is over subscribed, names will be drawn out of a hat. Please do not make any payments yet, as you will be notified whether your child has been offered a place by Tuesday 9th January.

Cash or cheques should be made payable to ComputerXplorers Middlesex

Your sincerely,

D Ratneshwar

ComputerXplorers Middlesex

Download Kodu Club Years 4 to 6 Jan 2018 Application >>