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Key Stage 1 Resources

scienceThe best way to help your child is by taking an interest in the work that he/she is doing. Try not to compare your child with his/her friends or their older siblings. Each child develops and matures at a different rate.

If you show your child that you are anxious about his/her progress, your child will start to worry and this will not help anyone. Children need to feel confident about themselves and their work if they are to make the best possible progress. Always be positive about your child’s effort. If you have any concerns, share them with the teacher – not with your child.

From time to time we hold Curriculum Workshops for parents to help them understand how to help their child at home and these will be made available to download here.

Key Stage 1

Reading and Phonics Presentation
Information regarding end of year expectations for reading, the importance of reading for pleasure and recognising ways to support learning at home
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Reading Help At Home Handout
Tips on reading with your child.
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Reading Journal Activities
Exercises designed to increase a child’s interest in books.
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Phonics – Order of Phonemes Taught
Teaching children the sounds that distinguish one word from another.
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Reading Questions for Parents
Questions parents can ask about the books that their children are reading.
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First 100 High Frequency Words
Reading and spelling 100 common words.
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200 High Frequency Words
Recognising 200 more common words.
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Recommended Books for Year 1
A list of popular books by well-known authors suitable for Key Stage 1 pupils.
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Recommended Books for Year 2
A list of popular books by well-known authors suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils.
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Cursive Letter Families
A poster image that illustrates the full alphabet in lower case cursive letters.
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Key Stage 1 Assessments
Information on how the children will be assessed in 2016.
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Key Stage 1 Writing
Summarised expectations of children’s writing skills in 2016, plus examples and tips to help them practice.
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Kung Fu Punctuation Black Belt
Kung Fu Panda presents a novel way for children to learn about punctuation and how it is applied.
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Parents Guide – Helping Your Child With Grammar KS1
A roundup of grammatical terms and punctuation to assist a parent in supporting their child at Key Stage 2.
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KS1 Maths Curriculum Workshop Combined
Available to download as a PDF, the Powerpoint presentation titled ‘KS1 Supporting your child with Mathematics’ was given to parents at the Parent Workshop – Years 1 & 2 – Supporting Learning in Mathematics on 2nd November 2016.
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Vocabulary – KS1 Maths Curriculum Workshop Nov 2016
An at-a-glance chart of common words used in mathematics for KS1 children. Shown to parents during the ‘Parent Workshop – Years 1 & 2 – Supporting Learning in Mathematics’ on 2nd November 2016.
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