School Complaints Procedure

At Cannon Lane Primary School, we want our pupils to do well and feel happy. However, we do recognise that, on occasions, concerns or difficulties do arise. In this event, parents/carers are encouraged to contact the school to have any difficulties or concerns resolved at the earliest possible stage. By taking such matters seriously the school aims to develop a working relationship with parents/carers and to reduce the number of formal complaints.

Parents/carers are reminded that the school will do its utmost to guarantee the confidentiality of any complainant and the substance of their complaints. The school will respect the views of a person who indicates that he/she would have difficulty discussing a matter with a particular member of staff. Similarly, if a member of staff directly involved feels compromised then the matter may be referred to another member of staff to deal with.

Concerns should be raised with the school as soon as possible to allow for a proper investigation. Generally, if concerns are more than 6 months old, the school or the Governing Body, may consider this too late to take any action.

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