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Job Description

Cannon Lane Primary School


Assistant Headteacher Job Description


Job title

Assistant Headteacher


Salary scale

L6 – L12


Responsible to:

Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher


Line Managed by:




All teachers are subject to the Conditions of Employment set out annually in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document. These detail the professional and particular duties required of teachers, together with requirements for Management time, Working time, guaranteed planning and preparation time. The school complies with these requirements in order to make reasonable demands of teachers.



Purpose of the job


  • To assist the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher in managing, leading and developing the school to attain the highest standards of pupil achievement, behaviour, welfare and social development.
  • To ensure that pupils are provided with the highest standard of care and education, in addition to those professional responsibilities which are required of all classroom teachers.
  • To be accountable for supporting and challenging teachers and teaching assistants in a given key phase (to be agreed with the Headteacher)


Knowledge and Understanding


  • Demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the strategies for improving and sustaining high standards of teaching, learning and achievement for all pupils.
  • Ensure that all staff develop good and better teaching and learning pedagogy to plan, deliver and assess appropriately for all groups of learners.
  • Ensure that all staff are appropriately trained to deliver interventions to accelerate learning, including keeping up to date with current developments and requirements within education.
  • Ensure that all staff have high expectations of children’s attitudes and behaviour, and are equipped with effective and appropriate behaviour management techniques.
  • Work with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher to design and develop a curriculum that ensures that the teaching of the core subjects is underpinned by cross-curricular links within a broad curriculum context.
  • Ensure the Safeguarding Policy is implemented.


Leadership and Management


  • Work as part of the leadership team to lead the strategic planning and development of the school.
  • To share responsibility for the day to day management of the school.
  • To undertake the professional duties of the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher in their absence
  • Create a climate which enables other staff to develop and maintain positive attitudes towards teaching.
  • To be professionally responsible and accountable for the work of teachers and teaching assistants in a key phase.
  • To act as a line manager for teachers and support staff including appraisal and monitoring of the Teacher Standards with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.
  • Build a mutually supportive team, which constantly challenges children, expects the most of them and uses a wide range of methods to help children learn.
  • Show enthusiasm and commitment, influencing excellent classroom practice by example.
  • Act as an effective role model for other teachers, modelling good practice and behaviours.
  • To enable effective transition across year groups and key stages as required.
  • Inspire ambition and confidence in others to meet their goals.
  • Monitor and evaluate standards of teaching, identifying areas of improvement.
  • Provide clear feedback, good support and sound advice to others.
  • To model and demonstrate best practice, including team teaching.
  • To lead at least one curriculum area as identified by the Headteacher
  • Contribute to whole school events and activities including events organised by the Friends of Cannon Lane School
  • Support colleagues in organising educational visits beyond the classroom and ensure that the relevant risk assessments are carried out.
  • Ensure appropriate supervision of volunteers and visitors where appropriate in line with the Safeguarding policy.
  • As part of the Senior Leadership Team ensure appropriate lunchtime supervision of children and liaise with the lunchtime staff appropriately.
  • To liaise with parents on matters relating to pupils’ achievement, behaviour, attendance and well-being.
  • Act as teacher in charge in absence of the Head Teacher and Deputy Head teacher.


Teaching and Learning


To be accountable for:

  • Demonstrating consistently outstanding teaching, resulting in pupils making outstanding progress.
  • Achieving the attainment and progress targets set for the pupils’ in your assigned classes.
  • Achieving high standards of conduct, emotional and learning behaviours and attitudes.
  • Establishing positive and collaborative working relations with colleagues.
  • Organising and managing classrooms (and any other assigned spaces) efficiently and effectively so as to generate high quality learning environments.
  • In partnership with the SENCO, Senior Leadership Team, teachers and teaching assistants ensure that all the special educational needs of individual children are met, showing an awareness of the Code of Practice and of the requirements of equal opportunities in disability, race and gender.
  • Identify key professional development needs and ensure such needs are addressed through the provision of high quality coaching, mentoring and access to appropriate training and other CPD opportunities.
  • To share the responsibility for School Assemblies.