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First PTA Event - Friday 4th Oct

This Friday is the United Festival for Food and Culture PTA event.

  • Children can wear clothes celebrating their culture/county (with sensible shoes please).
  • Send your favourite food donations to school. There will be tables at each entrance 8.30am – 9am OR drop to the school office before 3pm.
  • Event starts at 3.15pm in the KS1 Hall, enter via the KS1 playground.
  • Cash and card payments (minimum £1) will be accepted for food.
  • KS1 hall for food, drinks, art display, and VIP guest.
  • KS1 hut for name calligraphy.
  • Sit and eat with friends under the KS1 yellow canopy. 
  • School gates will stay open until 4.45pm.


Forget Friday night take out; support your school and have a homemade meal!

We look forward to serving you come rain or shine!