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Year 2 Trip to the British Wildlife Centre

This week, Year 2 went on our first school trip to the British Wildlife. We started our day in the Theatre, where we discussed the different wildlife we would find in our gardens. The keeper played us sounds of different animals and we guessed what they were. We discussed animals like owls, squirrels and hedgehogs. Later in the day, we visited the barn where we found black and brown rats, a fox and some tawny owls. We were even shown an owl by the keeper. Later in another barn, we also got to see a sleepy hedgehog and got the chance to hold an antler from a deer.


Our last activity for the day was visiting the big animals. We walked around the enclosures for the foxes, otters, deer and wildcats and saw them being fed. Throughout the day, we found out so many new facts about the animals and their habitats. Our facts will now help us begin writing our information leaflets. 


A great day out for Year 2!