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Year 4 Trip to Clay Lane

On Friday 27th September, we went to Affinity Water activity centre. We had a discussion about water and how much we each consume each day. We couldn’t believe that roughly each human uses 150 litres each day! Afterwards, we split up into groups to do three different activities.


The first one we completed was pond dipping which we all loved. We had to use our nets to try and catch different species that lived inside the pond and place them into our buckets carefully, making sure they stayed inside the water.  Next, we took them to be identified using a classification key, magnifying glass and spoon (to get a closer look). We kept record of what we caught and how many of each creature. As a group, we discussed that at different times of year, you can catch different insects, molluscs and lava


Our next activity involved us thinking about food webs and what eats what. To help us understand, each of us became a specific animal. We started with producers, then prey and finally predators. We then linked together using string, however we soon realised that some of our animals liked to eat the same things, which is then how our web began to form. Next, we thought about the effects of flooding on the local animals and discussed how we can help to protect them. For example, not paving over our front gardens or not putting wet wipes down the toilet.


Our final activity was mini beast hunting and classifying. We firstly did some orienteering to classify trees and potential homes of different mini beast. Then, we collected pots to carefully collect mini beasts. We looked under logs, in amongst the foliage and around the base of trees. Afterwards, we again used classification keys to identify what we had captured.


Of course no animals were harmed in the hunt and they were all released back into their homes.


Miss Cohen - 4C