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Chick News!

Please watch here for updates on our eggs and chicks. Photos and videos will be posted and updated daily.

Day 1/2

Day 3 - Wednesday 24th June

We have been watching the chicks today very closely.  We haven't seen any big changes today except some wriggling. Looking forward to tomorrow when we might see some eggs cracking.

Day 4

We have been watching them hatch today. So far we have 16 chicks!

Enjoy watching the videos of our chicks hatching today!

Still image for this video

Day 5

We transported the chicks to the brooder boxes.  Some of us have held them today.  Some of us have made cards and pictures for them too!  This weekend they are going home with the teachers to be well looked after ready to be back on Monday.

Days 6/7 - Chicks on Holiday!

The chicks are enjoying time away from school being well looked after by staff. Here are some pictures and videos in their holiday homes. Feathers are now starting to grow on their wings.

Chicks on Holiday

Still image for this video

Day 8

We enjoyed watching the chicks today in class and holding them too. They are growing fast and jumping very high!

Day 9

The chicks are getting stronger, taller, and their feathers are fully forming on their wings. They are getting very good at jumping too! All the children across the school are spending time observing them.

Day 10

Today was a quiet day for the chicks but Mrs Waldron was at school cleaning them all out!  They have to be cleaned twice a day and new water and new food put in. They are getting very messy now and a bit naughty! They keep knocking over the water bottle in the brooder box! They have tail feathers growing now and their wings are much bigger.  Tomorrow the chicks are with us for their last day.

Chicks Day 10

Still image for this video

Day 11 - Last Day at Cannon Lane

Today is the last day at Cannon Lane for our chicks.  They have been jumping out of their boxes and enjoying cuddles and strokes from the children too. They eat a lot now and make lots of mess for us to clear up too. The Happy Chick Company took them in their van after school today. They are now on their way to a small farm in Levington where they all will be looked after well.

Chicks Day 11 - Last day at Cannon Lane

Still image for this video