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Design & Technology

At Cannon Lane Primary School we are dedicated to offering children opportunities to develop important life skills through the teaching of Design & Technology. Throughout their time at CLPS, children develop technical skills and knowledge about food technology, textile design, structures and how mechanisms work. In addition, children develop transferable skills, including perseverance & resilience, analytical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Units of work make cross-curricular links to maths, science, history and ICT.




At Cannon Lane we aim to:

  1. Provide all children with an education in design and technology that is stimulating, enriching and inspiring.
  2. Foster creativity, analytical & critical thinking and develop technical competence which will equip pupils with essential life skills.
  3. Ensure that all pupils can confidently risk assess a situation and follow food hygiene and safety procedures when using equipment.
  4. Encourage inquisitive thinking and research skills to better understand the importance and impact of design and technology on the wider world.

Design & Technology Curriculum Overview

Year Group

Key Learning


Structures: Exploring different materials


Food Technology: Food hygiene


Year 1

Structures: Building hibernation caves


Food Technology: Fruits and vegetables


Mechanisms: Moving pictures using sliders and levers


Year 2

Textiles: Investigating materials and sewing


Mechanisms: Wind-up toys


Food Technology: Healthy diets


Year 3

Textiles: Exploring weaving


Food Technology: Investigating food trends


Mechanisms: Moving creatures using pneumatic systems


Year 4

Structures: Long boat design


Textiles: Money containers


Food Technology: Food processes and ingredient combinations


Year 5

Textiles: Talking pictures


Food Technology: Baking


Mechanisms: How catapults work


Year 6

Food Technology: WWII rationing recipes


Structures: Anderson shelters


Textiles: Mayan masks


Design and Technology at Cannon Lane