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Ofsted and Performance Data

Cannon Lane Primary received a Section 8 (ungraded) Ofsted inspection on 10th and 11th October 2023.  Cannon Lane continues to be a good school, "however, the evidence gathered suggests that the inspection grade might be outstanding if a graded (section 5) inspection were carried out now".


We were particularly pleased that Ofsted recognised that "from the early years to the end of Year 6, pupils study a broad and balanced curriculum that is ambitious for all" and that "pupils enjoy their time in school".

Primary schools nationally report pupils’ attainment at the end of Reception, Year 1 (Phonics Screening Check), Year 2 and Year 6. All other year groups are assessed as part of our ongoing internal monitoring and evaluation procedures. A summary of our end of year attainment data (with some national and local comparisons) can be found in the linked document below.

A full independent summary of Cannon Lane's 'Key Stage 2 Achievement' and 'Pupil Progress Since Key Stage 1' is available on the links above on the Ofsted website. The site also allows you to compare Cannon Lane with other similar schools. The latest recorded data on 'Absence and Pupil Population' and the 'Active Workforce' is also presented, with an additional breakdown of 'Financial Income and Spending' on a per pupil basis.

Further information on how children are assessed at Cannon Lane School can be found on the link below.