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Art activities

Mindful art activities 


Crafts at home  


Art and wellbeing ideas


Create your own zentangles.


Look at Paul Klee taking a line for a walk. Put a pencil / felt tip on the paper and draw a continuous line creating a pattern fill in spaces with bright colours ‘a line is a dot that went for a walk’.


Collage a landscape or picture by cutting colours from magazines. This can also be done in black and white using ads and text from papers . Draw shapes into newspapers or magazines then cut them out and stick them down. If you don’t have glue, flour and water will stick things down


Junk/ recycling modelling, for example, making people from cardboard rolls (kitchen roll or toilet rolls) then you can cut old fabric or paper to decorate and dress them.


Easter baskets from a simple net which you can find on internet or this can be made by drawing around a square box or a square/rectangle cut out by parent.


If you have access to a garden keep a sketching diary of birds, plants and flowers or even of what they did today ‘a picture a day ‘ then children can keep them together to make their own books


Create cartoon strip stories, children may want to consider the anime style.


Use card to make their own board games and play with your family. Create a snakes and ladders board. You could even add phonics sounds, maths questions or daily challenges at the top of the ladders or the bottom of the snakes.


Make a dream catcher from sticks in your garden and tie them together with string or wool. You could also use lids from food pots and tin foil cut into shapes.


Make your own dolls house or castle with boxes. You could then make furniture with smaller boxes, old fabric to cover then and then use magazines or newspapers to make curtains and carpets.


If you have any spare, print with vegetables, fruit and textured materials. You could use food colouring if you do not have any paint.