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Pupils learn to understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including coding and data representation. They are taught to analyse problems in computational terms, and have opportunities for practical experiences of writing computer programs in order to solve problems. All pupils are carefully supported to be confident yet safe and responsible users of technology through e-safety lessons and workshops.


Computing provides pupils with the opportunity to learn, understand and apply the fundamental skills needed to use ICT in an effective and safe way. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore different and engaging topics, providing them with opportunities to code, explore computer science and represent data using different platforms. In addition, pupils are taught to analyse problems using computational terminology and algorithms. All pupils will be encouraged to have equal opportunities for practical experiences such as writing code, blogging and making films. All pupils are carefully supported to be confident yet safe and responsible users of technology, through regular online safety lessons, online safety workshops and assemblies. 

Curriculum Overview


Year Group Autumn Term     Spring Term    Summer Term
Year 1
  • We are treasure hunters – using programmable toys using Bee-Bot
  • We are TV chefs – filming a recipe step by step 
  • We are painters – illustrating an e-book 
  • We are collectors – finding images on the Internet 
  • We are storytellers – creating and producing a talking book 
  • We are celebrating – creating a card electronically
Year 2
  • We are astronauts – programming and coding 
  • We are game testers – exploring how computer games work 
  • We are photographers – looking at taking, selecting and editing images 
  • We are researchers – researching a topic using computer networks 
  • We are detectives – communicating clues and exploring digital clues 
  • We are zoologists – recording a bug hunt data 
Year 3
  • We are programmers – programming animation 
  • We are bug fixers – finding and correcting bugs in programmes
  • We are presenters – looking at videoing performances 
  • We are vloggers – making and sharing a short screencast presentation 
  • We are communicators – looking at how to communicate safely online 
  • We are opinion pollsters – looking at collecting and analysing data from polls
Year 4
  • We are software developers – creating a simple game 
  • We are toy designers – designing prototypes of an interactive toy 
  • We are musicians – producing digital music 
  • We are HTML editors – editing and writing using HTML 
  • We are co-authors – creating a Wikipedia page 
  • We are meteorologists – creating a weather presentation 
Year 5
  • We are game developers – Coding using Scratch/Snap
  • We are cryptographers – cracking codes and looking at computational thinking 
  • We are artists – linking geography and art 
  • We are web developers – creating web pages about online safety 
  • We are bloggers – sharing experiences and opinions safely 
  • We are architects – creating a virtual space 
Year 6
  • We are adventure gamers – Coding using Python
  • We are computational thinkers – using algorithms for searching
  • We are advertisers – creating a short television advert
  • We are network engineers – exploring computer networks including Internet
  • We are travel writers – using media and map tools such as Google Maps
  • We are publishers – create a year book (celebrate time in Year 6)