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Friends of Cannon Lane




Welcome from the Friends of Cannon Lane. The Friends are your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) whose aim is to advance the education of pupils in the school by developing effective relationships between the staff, parents/carers and others associated with the school. We also aim to raise funds through engaging events to providing additional facilities, equipment or services that helps to support the school.


Upcoming Events


Event Date and Time Location

Sponsored Minithon

W/C 10th June Cannon Lane Primary School


Saturday 13th July Cannon Lane Primary School

Friends Meet & Greet

followed by

Wednesday 2nd October - 19:00

Upstairs Meeting Room

Friends AGM

Wednesday 2nd October - 19:30

Upstairs Meeting Room

United Food & Culture Festival

Friday 4th October - 15:15 Downstairs Main Hall
Christmas Fair TBC December Cannon Lane Primary School





Chair: Mira Lad
Vice Chair: Anushka Barton and Sharan Chowdhury
Jui Mangrulkar
Treasurer: Sree Selveraj


All enquiries to:


Committee meetings are scheduled to discuss any upcoming events, to agree any spending and to discuss any committee administration business. Anyone is welcome to attend committee meetings to learn more about the work we do. If you would like to arrange an event or have any other fundraising ideas, please come along to the next committee meeting to allow us to discuss your ideas.