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Safe Travel to School

At Cannon Lane School, we are committed to doing all that we can to promote safe travel to and from school. We are also keen to explore healthy alternatives to driving such as: walking, cycling and scooting.

In honour of our commitment to promoting safe travel, we were awarded the Gold Level Accreditation by TFL last year.

  • Walk to School Challenge
  • Walk to School is a nationwide initiative by Living Streets.




Don’t forget! If you do ride your bike or scooter to school, there are three different places where you can park them safely. Scooter/bike parking can be found at the entrance to the KS1 playground, near the Chestnut Drive gate and near the main entrance.

Safe Parking Guidelines for Parents, Staff and Visitors

All parents and visitors are asked to take care when driving to school and to try and park away from the school entrance in the interest of children's safety. We also have to consider the local residents and therefore also ask drivers to avoid parking in a way that might restrict access to driveways.

It is also important that drivers do not stop on the yellow zig-zag lines that are painted outside the school entrance between the restricted times (8.30pm-9.30am and 3.00pm-4.30pm, Monday to Friday). The lines are there to protect the children so the restriction MUST be observed.

As part of our commitment to safe travel, the Local Authority have produced a map (see below) that identifies 'walking zones' and 'bikeability zones' around the school. 

We would strongly encourage you to park outside the 'five minute walk zone' in order to reduce congestion around the school in the mornings and at home time. The additional distance also serves to promote health and well-being. And why not challenge yourself further by parking outside the 'ten minute walk zone' as often as you can? Please allow plenty of time to travel to school in order to avoid rushing. These initiatives are in place to keep our children safe!