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Our vision: At Cannon Lane, we endeavour to create fluent and confident readers and writers.



English at Cannon Lane Primary School



Talk is a key part of our curricular experiences and we encourage children to use language and communication in a purposeful and clear way, appropriate for different occasions and which invites responsive listening. Talk partners are used throughout our lessons and children practise their speaking and listening skills through drama and role play as well. Children have many opportunities to listen carefully to stories, discuss their understanding and respond in a variety of different ways. We foster a culture of respecting and responding to the views of other children and adults in an appropriate way.



Developing vocabulary is a key part of our lessons. The focus on talk, high quality class books and interactive displays supports the development of vocabulary. Word webs and class dictionary displays ensure children are given the opportunity to understand and use more ambitious language. 



We teach phonics daily using the Letters and Sounds scheme of work. Phonics teaching starts in Reception and continues until the children are secure in applying their skills to reading. Each day the children are taught a different phonics skill, letter sound or blend. They take part in different activities to practice and consolidate the sounds they have learnt.



All children are encouraged to write creatively and in a variety of different genres, through differentiated teaching. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught discretely during all writing opportunities. In Reception and KS1, creative writing and shared writing opportunities are promoted whereby children become keen emergent writers. In Key Stage 2, writing is more formalised whereby children’s opportunities for extended writing are planned as a ‘Big Write’. Samples of these extended writing outcomes are then used for assessment purposes.



We understand that the teaching of reading needs to be delivered in a consistent and rigorous way and we balance our teaching of reading to include explicit teaching of both decoding and comprehension through our delivery of ‘Big Reading.’ Children are taught specific reading skills during weekly, whole class ‘Big Reading’ lessons. These sessions are structured consistently throughout the school in order to teach the children the five key skills of reading (decoding, retrieving, exploring, analysing and deducing and inferring.)


We use a wide variety of banded reading books throughout the school. Each reading scheme comprises of both fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as poetry. Our libraries and class reading corners have a wide range of books that are available for the children to read in school and at home.



Big Read Characters

Reading and Writing around the school

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